What is a Photomarathon?

     [and why should I take part?]   

   Photomarathons are photography competitions that happen world wide in varying forms.  The Brighton Photomarathon is a creative endurance  

  competition. On the event day participants have 12 hours to take 12 photographs.

  Our Brighton Photomarathon

  Our Brighton Marathon follows the same guidelines and you do need to be in Brighton on the day of the event. Our competition happens every  

  spring and participants set off at 9am, the exciting part is we give you the titles of the photographs you have to capture [See previous titles],

  we keep all topics/titles secret until the competition day. We also see participants four times during the day  to release each set of topics (we

  like to meet you all and give you the opportunity to meet and talk with other photography enthusiasts) and this is part of the challenge to get 

  back in time for the next set.

                                                    "It's like a treasure hunt with photographs."

     [and International Photo-Mini-Marathon]

  If this seems like a little bit too much for you, we do have a mini [or half] marathon. an entirely digital 6 hour competition you can enter from  

  anywhere in the world. This is a little more relaxed, you can photoshop/edit your images and send them to us via twitter, facebook or by e-mail.

  This is a brilliant starter competition for anyone who is a little nervous about the 12 hour competition or can't make it to Brighton.