Enter Brighton Photomarathon Competition
his Competition is now open for entry.


    Our Next Competition

   Brighton Photomarathon (now Open for Entries)


     A fully digital photography competition.

     This is our Full Marathon. If you have taken part in our Brighton Photomarathon before you will know how it works but for those who are 

     new, here is a few things you need to know. You DO NOT need to be in Brighton for this one. There are 12topics and 12 hours to take your  

     photographs.This is a competition on endurance, photography and creativity.

    On the 14th May topics will be released - 4 title every 4 hours, starting 9am BST. You can then photograph each title and tweet,  

    facebook or e-mail your results. 

    You complete the competition by sending all of your images in my 4pm



    Topics are released one an hour

    Schedule British Standard Time

    9am Topic 1,2,3&4

    1pm Topics 5,6,7&8

    5pm Topics 9,10,11&12


    All photographs must be received by 9pm 

    A competition open to amatuer photographer, hobbyists, professionals or even if you have never picked up a camera before..


     1.  We are an entirely digital competition. You can take part with a variety of different machines/cameras as long as you can    

         upload/e-mail them.

    2.  Images must be captured in the SAME order that topics/titles are released on the day. This means title one is first followed by 2,3,4,5 etc  

    3.  All photographs must be taken on the day between the allotted times.

    4. All images will be exhibited in landscape profile.

    5.  All images must be shot as a JPEG file. RAW files will not be accepted.

    6.  You may use flashguns, filters and tripods.

    7. The images may be NOT be edited/photoshopped, you may only enter original photographs taken by the

         entrant on the day. [Photographs suspected not to be taken on the day by the photographer can be subject to disqualification and is at the

        organisers discretion.]

    8.  To complete the competition and be eligible for judging, you will need to be back at Sallis Benney before 9pm.

    9.   Remember the competition is open to children. Vulgar images will be disqualified. [This is at the discretion of the organisers and is 


   10.  Final Rule- Enjoy Yourself, Get creative and fun with your photographs.

    Competition day 14th May 2016 

   The Photomarathon/photominimarathon reserve the right to use any or all photographs entered to this competition solely for future 

   competition advertisement or promotion. The copyright of the images will belong to the photographer for sale/distribution.